Nir Wegrzyn, Mike Watson and their lifestyle manager

Member case studies

Nir Wegrzyn

Nir Wegrzyn is founder and Managing Director of BrandOpus, specialists in branding and packaging design. They count household names such as Twinings, Fox's and Belvedere among their clients. Nir, uses Ten to, as he puts it, help with “all the weird and wonderful things that come from nowhere and need sorting out.” He’s used us to organise everything from an emergency electrician, to an all-expenses-paid trip away for his team.

He says: The service is worth millions. I can call you and ask for help with anything I don’t have time for and know that you’ll come back with a solution that’s right for me.

Mike Watson

Mike is managing director and owner of Tube Tech International, a global leader in specialist industrial maintenance for the oil industry. He is also a major shareholder in a 3D animation and web optimisation media company.

Mike says: My Company prides itself on being able to “clean the impossible” and solve the world’s most difficult cleaning problems. Similarly, Ten has proved its ability to “source the impossible” on a number of occasions.

Member testimonials

I have to say the service is simply INCREDIBLE. It has helped me a number of times, including getting into a fully booked restaurant for my mother's 60th, and helping with a broken telescope whilst I was staying at a friend’s villa in Spain. Keep up the good work - it is privilege to be a member of Ten.

Paul Derry, Barclays Premier Life concierge member

Just wanted to say thanks very much for getting us tickets to the Ryder Cup. Brilliant job at short notice, for something that is in very scarce supply!

Richard Saint, member of corporate concierge scheme

Thank you again for your service, it's as good as usual. You get good rates for hotels and always go the extra mile to get better rates for everything I book, which I always appreciate. I will use you again for our next trip.

Laurence Sprey, Coutts World Concierge member

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all the great recommendations in New York. We had an amazing time and some of the best food ever. Tao had the best kobe beef and maki rolls I've ever had. So thanks again!

Kristian Jordanger, member of corporate concierge scheme

Our members are an extraordinary range of people who have on thing in common. They recognise that they can get more from life with dedicated, expert support from our unique personal service.