Our experts – International

Our experts – International

Steve Shaw – restaurant and bar expert, US team

I was born and raised in New York, before spending many years living and working overseas. This included more than a decade in Russia, where I became the first American to open a restaurant in Moscow without a local partner. I also have an MBA in international business – useful in my stints as a privatisation consultant in Uzbekistan and tea trader in Sri Lanka.

Since returning to the US, I’ve run a Manhattan oyster bar and a jazz club – in the latter, I hired guitarist Les Paul to play every Monday.

Now I’m at lifestyle concierge, where my job is to keep members and fellow lifestyle managers up to date on local restaurant and nightlife news. As a former restaurant manager, I know it’s better to work with someone who takes care of the finer details, so I’ll always do my best to liaise with the maitre d’ or a dining room manager to ensure the best experience for members.

Carmen Wong – entertainment expert, Asia team

I was born in Hong Kong and went to high school in the UK. Then I went to university in London before moving to Tokyo for two years to study Japanese. One of my biggest passions is sport (and Liverpool FC) and I look after tickets for sporting and outdoor events – everything from football matches to Formula One Grands Prix.

I also love stadium concerts, and particularly enjoy seeing bands perform live at the biggest international venues. A lot of this job is about contacts, and over the years our team has built up relationships with sports venues and promoters that mean we can access hospitality packages and VIP areas for members around the world.

Each member of the team has a specific area of expertise, from theatre to festivals and outdoor events, to red-carpets and film premieres.

We have experts in areas such as travel, restaurants, live entertainment and retail wherever our members are in the world.