Digital: Investment in data insight

Ten now has the fastest growing technology team within the concierge industry, with 89 full time people now working in tech roles to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Ten’s multi-award winning digital platform is continuing to innovate and break through barriers.
Ten Platform is designed to create a relationship at smartphone level and enables companies to deliver added value to customers wherever they are, 24/7. There are more than 400 individual technology integrations into and out of our proprietary CRM and online concierge platform. These connect suppliers, deliver access and drives transactional depth.

While each of our corporate clients have different needs, specifications and business goals – which our adaptive and agile technology platform can deliver with ease – one thing stands out as a key requisite: data.

In the Information Age, it’s not good enough to simply know your customer base – companies that leapfrog the competition are those that build tools that allow them to know their customers better than they know themselves.
Our Product team works to a strict Agile (Scrum) methodology; releasing updates to our ecosystem every two weeks. Our roadmap for 2017 is robust, with data and insight at the heart. We work with clients as innovation partners in a results driven lab-like environment.
The platform is also a proven driver of acquisition, retention and customer satisfaction.