What is lifestyle concierge?

What is lifestyle concierge?

What is lifestyle concierge?

‘Lifestyle concierge’ is a globally recognised term, used to describe a service that helps individuals to organise aspects of their lives that they don’t have the time, inclination or contacts to do themselves. The concept was originally created by Alex Cheatle and Andrew Long in 1998, when they set up Ten UK for busy professionals in London. Since then, a multitude of companies offering lifestyle concierge, lifestyle management, personal concierge, virtual concierge and personal errand services have emerged across the world. However, Ten UK – now known as Ten Group to reflect its emergence as a leading international concierge provider – remains the global market leader, with more than a million requests completed to date.

Why do people join concierge services?

The main advantage of being a member of a lifestyle concierge company is that you can use the service for any aspect of your life. Think about all the tasks you try to fit into a typical week and consider how much easier it would be if someone helped you, or even took them off your hands. With a lifestyle concierge company, this might mean booking a hotel and train tickets for a weekend away, choosing and buying a friend’s birthday present, finding a reliable handyman to fix a leaking tap, selecting and booking a restaurant for a romantic evening, or entertaining the family during the school holidays. Then there are the bigger tasks: organising and booking the holiday of a lifetime, moving house, finding the right school for your children, arranging a family reunion, or buying a new car.

Larger and more established concierge companies such as Ten have built networks of suppliers that they work with on a daily basis, so they can use their buying power to negotiate discounts or premium levels of service for their members. This means that, as well as getting the job done more efficiently than most people would be able to do themselves, they can often achieve better results at a more reasonable price.

You might be able to book tickets to see your favourite team play next month, but could you get tickets that aren’t available online, and arrange discounted parking and a pre-match restaurant booking? Could you book a family holiday in California that included discounted hotel rooms, upgraded car hire and a tailor-made destination guide, featuring all the places you and your family would be interested in visiting? Could you find an emergency plumber at 10.30pm on a Friday night and still enjoy a 15 per cent discount?

Members of lifestyle concierge companies enjoy these high levels of service, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that anything they need can be taken care of with just one phone call or email.

How do I join Ten’s lifestyle concierge service?

You may already have complimentary access to our services via your bank account or credit card – call us on 0845 02 05270 to find out. Alternatively, some members opt for our bespoke, dedicated services, which give you access to your own personal lifestyle manager.