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Ten to the rescue − sudden change of travel plans?

Do you have Ten Lifestyle Concierge?

Just a few weeks ago, airline strikes and a volcanic ash cloud kept thousands of people stranded in various parts of the globe – except for the lucky ones who were members of a lifestyle concierge service. With more strikes looking likely, the volatile situation in Greece continuing – and probably other issues on the way – it makes sense to check if you have lifestyle concierge before travelling anywhere.

It’s increasingly common for people to have access to lifestyle concierge, either privately or through their bank account, but not all of them realise they can call on us for help at any time. Those who do call us can relax and leave all the chasing up, searching and rebooking to us. We will help with any issue, even if the initial booking didn’t come through us. Our priority is to help our members.

In the last month, Ten Lifestyle Concierge has helped more than 4,000 people get home after their travel plans were disrupted. We took on all the phone calls, chasing for bookings and checking of reservations systems. Our members could either get on with their normal working day, if they were away on business; or relax and enjoy their current surroundings. We helped some members by recommending restaurants or places of interest – making their situation more pleasant while they were grounded.

And we’re expecting to help many more people in the coming months. It doesn’t have to be an emergency – we can help with a last-minute change of plans whenever our members need us.

‘My hire car is due back in Geneva, but now I need to go to Paris to catch the Eurostar’

This member was due to fly back to the UK from Geneva, but had to change his plans because his flight was cancelled thanks to the ash cloud in April.

We managed to secure him tickets for the Eurostar from Paris to London, and negotiated with his car hire company so that he could drop his car off in Paris instead of Geneva – at no extra charge.

He was back in the UK and on time for work, as planned.

‘We’re a group of 20, we’re stuck in Madrid, there’s no way out...help!’

This story is typical of so many that we heard during the April travel disruptions caused by the volcanic ash cloud.

In this case we managed to get all 20 people seats on one of the three coaches we booked for our members from Madrid to Calais. The trip included a stop for lunch at a high quality hotel – with access to a room to freshen up – followed by seats on the Eurostar back to the UK.

‘I have to get my lower-sixth class back from Tenerife for their AS-levels – everything’s cancelled!’

We managed to get an entire sixth-form class back from Tenerife in time for their exams by getting them on a plane from Tenerife to Bilbao, then hiring a coach to take them from Bilbao to Cherbourg to board a ferry back to the UK.

'I'm stuck in a desert. Help me get out!'

A member and his friends got stuck in the sand while driving through the desert in the United Arab Emirates. With just a little reception on his phone, he managed to call us. He was really upset to be stuck, but didn’t know where they were.

One of Ten’s lifestyle managers (LMs) asked him to retrace his journey and describe the landmarks around him. Using Google Earth, the LM found the road and ‘large mosque’ the member remembered seeing. He then ‘virtually’ followed the road through the desert, next to an air force base, and roughly found his position.

The LM then called the UAE’s equivalent of the AA – which has a desert rescue department – and informed them where the member was. They swiftly came to pull him and his friends out, safely retrieving his mother’s very expensive Range Rover, which wasn’t built for rough terrain.

‘I need a...hypnotherapist in Tenerife’

We had one member who had flown to Tenerife with his wife for a long weekend. Unfortunately the flight out had been marred by bad weather.

He called on the Friday to tell us his wife had been so traumatised by the flight that she was too frightened to fly back to the UK the following Tuesday, and wanted to know if we could organise an English-speaking hypnotherapist to help her.

Within two hours we had booked a hypnotist and arranged a taxi to take them across the island and back for their appointment.

Further information

Ten Lifestyle Concierge, part of the Ten Group, is a lifestyle management service that helps people make the most of their lives. We organise anything that our members don’t have the time, contacts or expertise to arrange themselves – such as entertainment, restaurants, travel and home refurbishments.

By using the right contacts, internal knowledge management, peer feedback, buying power, insider information and sector specialists, we deliver world-class concierge services entirely focused on the customer.

Across the business, we manage and deliver our personalised service to more than 500,000 private individuals on behalf of 70 organisations. This makes us the most successful and fastest growing lifestyle management company in the world. We have more than 250 employees working in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Ten helped more than 4,000 people get home after their travel plans were disrupted in the last month.