We work closely with our clients to improve their engagement metrics, develop brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction

Clients and case studies

Our corporate clients trust us to embody their brand values and we have a proven track record in delivering exceptional service to their most valued high-net-worth customers. We have a highly regarded global client list which comprises major financial institutions and prestigious luxury brands.

Our tailored concierge and loyalty programmes have been proven to drastically improve client engagement metrics, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. The example case studies below explain how we have met and exceeded our client’s objectives and challenges.

Developing global brand awareness


A major world bank conducted independent research into the direct benefits of providing a global travel and lifestyle concierge service to its high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth customers. The study found that customer engagement levels increased when using a world-leading concierge service and had a positive effect on card spend. At the time, they were offering their most valued customers a small scale, local concierge programme. However, its lack of global reach and inadequate management information reports meant that it was not increasing brand awareness or customer loyalty as their study suggested it should.


After a successful tender process, Ten was appointed as the bank’s new global concierge provider. Within six months of signing the contract, we had seamlessly opened a fully functioning office in the bank’s home city and had recruited and trained a large team of local specialist lifestyle managers. The tailored solution included travel and lifestyle concierge, complemented by a targeted communications package.


Ten is now delivering an unparalleled concierge service in that region. A recent member survey showed that the bank’s high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth customers are very satisfied with the new service, responding ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’ to 95 per cent of all questions. The survey also revealed that 92 per cent of the members are likely to use the concierge service on a regular basis. The service was given an overall Net Promoter Score of 81.6 – a far higher score than major global companies such as Apple Inc.

Ten is now one of the bank’s trusted strategic partners, offering its customers 24/7 concierge service worldwide and providing the bank with comprehensive utilisation data and vital customer profiling.

Improving engagement metrics


One of Ten’s longstanding clients wanted to increase the number of its credit card customers using the concierge service. Their research concluded that customers who regularly used the concierge service were spending more and making more card referrals than those who weren’t using the concierge service.


Ten has worked in partnership with the bank for eight years and following publication of the research results we quickly found a suitable solution.

Ten developed the scheme’s existing communications programme and expanded it from one weekly newsletter email to sending regular, highly targeted emails with specific themes – ranging from dining news and last minute-table availability, ticket alerts for upcoming gigs, sports events and theatre openings, exclusive cinema events and VIP red carpet experiences and travel offers and inspiration.


In less than one year, Ten had more than doubled the number of unique service users, growing penetration of cardholders who were using the service from 12 per cent to 26 per cent of the total portfolio. As a result, the total number of concierge requests per month increased by 50 per cent, therefore meeting and exceed the clients brief.

The email open rate went from the industry average of 25 per cent up to 40 per cent in 12 months, with some emails boasting open rates of more than 70 per cent.

Following the success, the bank extended their concierge contract for another three years. It now includes a premium incentive linked to Ten achieving the clients’ goals.

Cultivating primary banking relationships and generating card spend


A large US bank wanted to cultivate primary banking relationships with the credit card playing an integral role, move affluent customers away from competing card products, and encourage them to use their card as front of wallet. Also, they wanted to create a luxury and experiential rewards program that created differentiation and drove acquisition, spend and loyalty, while incentivising transactions that collectively drove engagement.


Ten created a programme that included unlimited Lifestyle Concierge services, access to unique luxury and experiential lifestyle experiences, and a personalised communications programme based on the members’ passion points.

One facet of the programme was to offer a fully white-labelled version of Ten’s Dining Club, which is an exclusive club that provides weekly availability to extremely hard to book tables at popular fine dining restaurants in a specific city. The Dining Club was offered to their customers as an effective tool to drive engagement.


Within the first month following the launch, the weekly Dining Club email was achieving a 40 per cent open rate, almost double the national average. Ten and the client recorded an 397 per cent increase in total dining spend from Dining Club recipients. The individual dining transactions spent on the credit card for Dining Club members was 136 per cent higher than non-Dining Club members.

Differentiating the value proposition


A leading private bank wanted to redesign their value proposition and wished to include additional benefits to differentiate their services to generate engagement and loyalty with their most valued top segment of high-net-worth customers.


Following extensive client focus groups, Ten’s travel and lifestyle concierge service was chosen as a key benefit. Ten launched a three-month pilot service to gain the client’s full trust and gain buy-in from the bank’s main decision makers.

Following a successful pilot, a full travel and lifestyle concierge service was launched to the top tier of the bank’s three-tier wealth management program (clients with $1million+ in AUM and total wealth of $3million+).

Ten combined the concierge programme with high-touch welcome calls and quarterly engagement newsletters featuring high-profile events, exclusive dining opportunities, travel ideas, and upcoming cultural events.


Thanks to Ten’s high-touch introductory calls and emails, the bank’s customer experienced a world-class welcome to the service. The member fast member uptake meant the bank quickly saw increased card spend and received glowing user feedback.

Ten’s comprehensive reporting and member profiling meant the bank’s Relationship Managers gained a valuable insight to their customer’s passion points, preferences and interests, which provided valuable data to help them get to know their clients on a more personal level.

We have a highly regarded global client list which comprises major financial institutions and prestigious luxury brands