We put the member at the center of everything we do

Mission and values

Our mission

We aim to provide the world’s most personalised and trusted concierge service and loyalty solutions. We exist to earn and deserve the trust of our members through regular, successful, personalised experiences and we use expert people and knowledge management to make our business better as it gets bigger.

We aim to achieve emotional engagement and complete the task both more quickly and with a better outcome than the member could have done themselves.

Building a strong network of trust between our staff, clients, suppliers and members is integral to ensuring we are the world leaders in concierge and loyalty solutions.

Our values

Member focused

  • The member is at the centre of everything we do and can trust us to act in the best interests
  • We focus on providing a personalised service to our members – we provide what they say they want in good time and offer what we believe what they are likely to want
  • We aim to go above and beyond what the member expects of us
  • We deliver great work, which is recognised as being great by the member
  • We add value by ensuring the members get the same or an even better deal than if they had managed the requests independently. We also add value by saving the member time and managing the requests efficiently


  • We incorporate positive and negative feedback from members into our future plans
  • We regularly give and receive feedback internally and externally in an assertive yet respectful way
  • We see problems as opportunities
  • When we do well, we share the reasons why and then examine how we could do even better
  • We invest in training and personal development to grow expertise within the company
  • We embrace teamwork and knowledge management to benefit from the talent and expertise at Ten
  • We actively encourage people to share knowledge, ideas and expertise across the business
  • We embrace technology when it enables us to deliver an even better service
  • Our people are open to change. We give them practical support to learn fast, meet challenges and achieve excellent results


  • We always do the right thing for the member; we prioritise trust over short-term profit where there is a conflict
  • Our management style sets the tone by being open and transparent
  • Our default expectation is that our people and suppliers act with honesty and integrity
  • We keep our word and manage expectations
  • We work diligently on every request we receive
  • We work flexibly in order to meet expectations
  • We create sustainable relationships with our suppliers
  • We conduct business in a manner that gives assurance that environmental sustainability is central to the business and procedures

The strong network of trust between our staff, clients, suppliers and members is integral to making Ten true world leaders in concierge and loyalty solutions.